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Stump Grinder - Toro STX-26

Rental Rates
Daily:$250.00Min. Rent Amount:$100.00Min. Rent Term:2 Hrs
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  • 26 HP Kawasaki engine with a total machine weight of 1150 lbs. Rent includes trailer and requires working trailer lights.
  • Hydraulic drive and hydraulic hand controls allow for smoother operation.
  • Unit is track drive, meaning there is less chance of ruts on soft or muddy soils, and offers better traction on most surfaces.
  • An offset cutting head allows excellent visibility of the stump. The ability to swing 47 inches allows for closer access along fences and other obstructions.
  • Zero turn capability allows for better manuverability in tight spots.
  • At a total machine width of just 33.5 inches, this will fit through a standard gate.
  • Cutter will grind up to 12 inches below grade, or start at up to 33 inches above ground.
  • Hearing and eye protection required!

  • Click here to view a video of this product in action.